Let's Save The Blue Lotus!      

The Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus is going extinct ... 
and we need your help to save it!  

Pollution, loss of habitat, and lack of perceived commercial value have dwindled the population of the Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea)  to unsustainable numbers.  Without intervention we will soon lose the most sacred, revered flower ever to blossom on Earth.

The rare and endangered Egyptian Blue Lotus has apparently disappeared from the wild and is now only growing in a few private ponds.  Egyptologists and tour guides claim the only place they have recently seen the Sacred Flower has been in the fountain pool at the Cairo Museum.    

The tragedy of our 21st century is that over 200 species of plant and animal go extinct every day ... Let's NOT let the Blue Lotus suffer the same fate!

Video Introduction

Rev. Katherine Aryshta Dean, executive director and entheogenic historian, introduces the Blue Lotus Rescue Project.

Yes, perks too

Swag! Coffee mugs, clothing, hats and more for your generous donations! More info soon!

Use of Donations

The Blue Lotus Rescue Project intends to find the sources of these remaining flowers in Egypt and to sponsor local cultivation, and/or international relocation of the flowers. Funding for this first phase of the project will provide definitive answers to location and situation of the remaining Blue Lotus in Egypt.  Rev. Aryshta Dean and an assistant will depart for Cairo in late February, 2019 for the initial survey.  Campaign donations will cover airfare, housing, and expenses on the ground for three weeks in Egypt, with available reserves for local subsidies.         

The Blue Lotus Rescue Project is sponsored by the Sacred Foundation, an educational non-profit dedicated to the teaching of the spiritual and historical use of altered states of consciousness.  A small portion of the donations will go to our 501c3 IRS filing.

Your generous donation can help save the Sacred Blue Lotus from going extinct!   

Thank you and blessings!

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